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Short film, Kbh Film & Foto Skole



When Morten, radio-host on his own artsy jazz-programme, ridicules a listener on the air for her taste in music, she confronts him outside the building – refusing to leave without an apology. Slowly an unlikely friendship begins to form, while they travel on a jazzy roadtrip through the city of Copenhagen.


Lado Hadzic, Bolette Engstrøm Bjerre, Ellen Gunilla Hillingsøe, Finn Nielsen


Director and writer - Tammes Bernstein Cinematographer - Lasse Nielsen Langendorf Editor - Sophie Mjåland Sound designer - Kristina Andersen

Festivals and Awards

Be Epic! London International Film Festival 2017 (Winner: Best Short Film, Best Actress and Best Actor, Nominated: Best Director, Best Script)
Brussels Short Film Festival 2017 (Official Selection)
German United Film Festival 2018 (Winner: Best Actor)
Meraki Film Festival 2018 (Winner: Best Short Film)
San José International Film Awards 2017 (Official Selection)

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