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Short film, NFTS Graduation film, 22 min



In an isolated coastal town, where everyone knows everyone, Eliza works shifts at the local fish factory while her fisherman dad goes out to sea. When an apparent accident happens, rumours start spreading and Eliza's relationship with her father is put to the test.


Anna Munden, Bartley Burke, Cassian Bilton, Tracy Bargate


Director - Tammes Bernstein Story by - Tammes Bernstein, William Gillies, Theo Wanderydz Producer - Jamie Macdonald Writer - Theo Wanderydz Cinematographer - Adam Singodia Production Designer - Steven X Haber Editor - Ona Bartoli Composer - Natalia Tsupryk Sound Designer - Yin Lee Sound Recordist - Gus Puczyniec

Festivals and Awards

BIFA, British Independent Film Awards 2020, Best British Short (Longlisted) 
BAFTA Student Film Awards 2020 (Shortlisted)

Brussels Short Film Festival 2021 (Official Selection)
Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 2021 (Official Selection)
British Shorts Film Festival, Berlin 2021 (Official Selection)
18th In The Palace Film Festival 2021 (Official Selection)
Beeston Film Festival 2021 (Offical Selection)
Watersprite Film Festival 2021 (Nominated for Best Editing, Best Sound Design, Best Cinematography)

Norwich Film Festival 2020 (Official Selection)
PÖFF Shorts 2020 (Official Selection)
Dinard Film Festival 2020 (Official Selection, Shortcuts)
FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH 2020 (Official Selection)
BSC Short Film Cinematographers Competition 2020 (Nominated)
Panalux Prize Cinematography, NFTS Graduation 2020 (Winner)


“Loved everything about this and was hooked from the word go. Great performances and all round solid drama” - BIFA voter

"This was a very impressive short, especially for a student submission! A mystery set in a small seaside town reliant on the fishing industry, it was an intriguing, gritty, and artful film. It pulled off focusing on a very specific slice of life that could be universally related to. I predicted it would easily attain distribution, and then noticed it was already picked up and won a bunch of awards. Definitely one to watch" - AIFF Programmer Fatima Hye

BIFA Announcement

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